Windshield and Auto Glass

Windshield and auto glass replacement

A damaged windshield impairs your visibility while driving and poses a threat to your safety. At TGC, we know that you cannot afford to leave your vehicle at an auto body shop for days on end until the glass is fixed. That is why we offer quick service from the best repair technicians in Lake Tahoe. Call TGC to get the quickest and cheapest auto glass solutions available. We handle problems with rear glass, side glass, vent glass and car windows as well as repair or replacement of electric window motors and regulators.

Effective Solutions to All Auto Glass Problems

At TGC, we employ only the best skilled and qualified technicians to work on your car. We train them on all makes and models of cars so that they can provide effective solutions to different auto glass and windshield replacement needs of customers irrespective of the car brand they drive.

Some vehicles require specialized care when it comes to auto glass replacement or auto glass repair. Leaving your car in the hands of an inexperienced serviceman may prove very costly for you. Our trained technicians know exactly how to address these special needs and what parts to use in such situations. That is why our service is the best you can get for your vehicle.

Here are some more great reasons why you should choose TGC when you need auto glass service.

  • Insurance and network recommended
  • Free cost estimates for your service needs over phone
  • Satisfaction guaranteed service
  • 100% warrantied parts
  • Full range of services

Modern Techniques, Advanced Tools

Our technicians use the most modern repair techniques and employ the latest tools in all auto glass service. For example, we inject industry-best adhesives in damaged areas to repair cracks in your windshield. Such state-of-the-art tools and techniques also let us complete the repair or replacement task quickly so your car is ready to drive in the shortest possible time.